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A Convenient Truth (Part 2)

Last week brought the news of leaked emails from East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit, detailing the manipulation of data which proponents of “Global Warming” otherwise cite as fact. The information was damning, clearly showing the lengths to which these people are prepared to go to sell the lie of man-made warming to the public, and has quickly become known as “Climategate” (a term coined by James Delingpole, a writer for the UK Telegraph). Despite this and other recent reports of deception in the warming community, governments across the globe continue to push for legislation to, amoungst other things, tax carbon emissions (including our own politicians here in Australia, although the legislation has some fierce opposition).

Al Gore, the swindler largely responsible for selling the man-made warming agenda, is also on the run. Out promoting a new book and hoping to make even more money from the business of global warming, he was reportedly chased from a signing in a Boston bookstore by a group of lads from the dissident group “We Are Change”. Fleeing the scene in a waiting car, Gore was presumably on his way to hand back both the Academy Award he won for An Inconvenient Truth (which has now become required viewing for school students in Britain!) and the Nobel Peace Prize, knowing that the game was up (well, we can only hope).

But of course it is clear from the actions of world leaders and governing bodies that the warming agenda will not be taken down easily. High on the discussion list at the meeting of Commonwealth heads and of course next months’ summit in Copenhagen, the idea of man-made warming is being treated as a serious issue by these people. Refusing to openly debate the subject, and labelling those who disagree with the established doctrine as “deniers” or “sceptics” (as though they are nothing more than raving lunatics), has made their purpose transparent – the continued drive for the consolidation of power by the wealthy ruling elite. In Australia, as is the case the world over, many smaller businesses will not be able to survive if faced with astronomical taxes in relation to their CO2 emissions. But this is great for big business, whose emissions may or may not be equal to their smaller counterparts, but which the tax itself is mere chicken feed. Methods to reduce carbon emissions should be high on the list of priorities, rather than an oppressive tax or the enforcement of crippling legislation on Third World countries.

Photograph of a polar bear.

The most laughable assertion of the man-made warming hoax (yep, let’s go right out on a limb and call it a hoax) was the shrinking habitat and population of the polar bear, first brought to the shock attention of audiences with Gore’s Truth. The knowledge now that the polar bear community in Alaska is growing and that the photographs of bears clinging to crumbling icebergs (the last remnants of their home, no less) were taken in August when the ice traditionally melts, serve to illustrate the manipulation that any piece of celluloid or aural/visual communication can be formulated to display. You can paint an orange red and place it on TV saying it’s an apple, and most people will accept it. By the same token, continually labelling those who deny man-made climate change as “sceptics” paints an untrue portrait of those who have called for open debate all along. No serious “sceptic” denies that the Earth’s climate is changing, even though many in the political arena and the media have outright said that these “sceptics” deny that climate change is happening at all, which is sheer lunacy. The issue has always been whether or not climate change is the causation of man and that the Earth will even let us do anything about it, considering we don’t have a hand in it to begin with.

Countless inaccuracies and falsehoods have been presented to ‘strengthen’ the warming argument, but a lack of open debate between proponents and ‘deniers’ points simply to one conclusion – a blatant act of deception on the part of those who have much to gain from carbon taxes and the new religion known as “Global Warming”, itself having gained momentum as a profitable avenue in many areas of business. When the resources of the planet, our societies’ infrastructure, food production and industry is completely owned by a very small few, those who have succumbed to the warming propaganda may finally realise the extent of the duplicity. Then again…

by Max Drake

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  1. Global warming is one of the biggest religions in the world. The age old lie that puts man as god, in its newest form. Al Gore is the high priest as you say.
    And who will emerge as the world leader? Time will tell.
    .-= shea Holliman´s last blog ..Bill Donovan – Blog =-.

    Posted by shea Holliman | December 2, 2009, 7:39 am
  2. So are you saying there is nothing wrong with this world of ours, the weather has been behaving normally. Good to see the “she’ll be apples” attitude still alive and kicking.

    Bugger me, I don’t mind paying the extra $1,100 per year (energy + food) just in case people like you are wrong!
    .-= Young Werther´s last blog ..2012? Who cares? =-.

    Posted by Young Werther | December 2, 2009, 3:52 pm
  3. Man has no control over it.
    and by the way, what if nothing happens in 2012? Won’t that be disappointing?
    .-= shea Holliman´s last blog ..Bill Donovan – Blog =-.

    Posted by shea Holliman | December 3, 2009, 12:28 pm
  4. Shea – Al Gore is certainly the high priest, like you say…and yeah, it will be disappointing when 2012 rolls around sans the apocalypse.

    Young Werther – nah man…I’m not saying that the earth’s climate is not changing…that’s the doctrine though…that’s what those pushing the agenda want you to think of “people like me”…there is no denying that the Earth’s climate is changing – what I question is the sheer absurdity that man is to blame…sure, we have screwed the planet (the extinction of animal species being our worst crime), but the Earth’s geography and climate has been shifting since time began…science knows this…we know this…so what is the reason to discount historical data and not even debate the issue.

    This “with us or against us” attitude just doesn’t cut it…

    Posted by Max Drake | December 9, 2009, 11:19 pm
  5. For anyone interested – here are 10 facts and myths on climate change, penned by Prof. Robert M Carter of James Cook University, Queensland (here in Australia)…


    Posted by Max Drake | December 10, 2009, 1:10 am
  6. Posted by Max Drake | December 10, 2009, 4:04 am

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