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GritFX is a team of artists and writers. Visit www.gritfx.com and browse our T-Shirt stores. Contributors to the GritFX T-Shirts Magazine (listed below) write on a variety of subjects that influence our artwork.

Decoy Spoon Decoy Spoon
Decoy eats music for breakfast and is not adverse to any style or form. Read his album reviews in Decoy’s Completely Biased Non-Definitive Guide To Music.

Email: decoy@gritfx.com

Wadrick Jones Wadrick Jones
Wadrick’s obsession with cinema began in 1981 when he first laid eyes on Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Read his movie reviews in Wadrick’s Celluloid Dungeon.

Email: wadrick@gritfx.com

Max Drake Max Drake
Max believes there is much history that is unknown to the majority of mankind and is fascinated by the strange and mythical. Read his articles in Max Drake’s OddWorld.

Email: max@gritfx.com

manz Manz
Manz has an intimate relationship with her camera and regards the care and protection of animals to be above all things. Check out her photos in Manz’s Photo Collections.

Email: manz@gritfx.com

Adam Fay Special Guest – Adam Fay
The Faystar writes the occasional feature article for the GritFX Magazine, usually on movie-related subjects. His film knowledge and wit is on display at his blog I See Films (So You Don’t Have To).

Email: faystar@gritfx.com

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