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A Round-Up Of Our Mammoth Week Winners

The week Monday 26th July – August 2nd was a huge week for GritFX with Matthew Dunn joining the Magazine, The Tee Gazette featuring us all week, and our I Wear Your Shirt day. We celebrated with various GritFX giveaways throughout the week.

It’s now time to meet those lucky fans!

GritFX T-Shirt Winners - Prize: Get Kraken; and Writer
The first giveaway ran all week. We asked fans to leave us a comment telling us what their favourite GritFX t-shirt design was. The comments were delightfully diverse and fun for us to read. On Monday 2nd August the giveaway closed and 2 lucky names were drawn at random.

Our first winner was Scott Hale of Highway to Hale@sjhalestorm on twitter. Scott picked “Get Kraken!” on Navy Blue as his GritFX t-shirt prize, and was the lucky winner of the signed Monkey print by Matthew Dunn.

Our second winner was Ramsay Taplin of Taplin Webdesign@TaplinWebDesign on twitter. Ramsay picked “Writer” on the grey/black ringer tee as his GritFX t-shirt prize.


Hot Tub Time Machine T-Shirt & LOST TV T-Shirt
The giveaway bug hit us hard during the week, and we ended up running some spur of the moment giveaways on the GritFX Facebook fan page. We first asked our Facebook fans to list their favorite 80’s movie on our FB page to win a Hot Tub Time Machine t-shirt. A few hours later we had our winner… Rayven Cure@rayvencure on twitter. Rayven was able to choose from 4 Hot Tub Time Machine t-shirts, and picked “Chernobly: It’s What Makes Time Travel Possible!“.

Not being able to stop the madness, we then ran another giveaway! This time we asked our Facebook fans to tell us who their favorite LOST character is on our FB page to win a GritFX LOST t-shirt. The lucky LOSTie to take out that prize was Bri Tinnin – who can also be found on MySpace. Bri was able to take her pick from the entire GritFX LOST design range and went with the classic “Whatever Happened, Happened” design.


GritFX Mini Buttons
There was one other giveaway that week which was a part of the live show with Jason of I Wear Your Shirt. During the show, Jason asked fans to tell us what was their favourite movie of all time. 10 Lucky fans won GritFX mini buttons… keep your eye out for our little shop our flair coming soon! To find out who won the buttons, watch the recording of the GritFX IWYS show.

That was one MAMMOTH week!

We thank everyone who took part in the giveaways and congratulate the winners once more.

P.S. Have you seen our POSTCARD PROMISE? When we reach 2,000 Facebook fans, we’re giving away an 8-pack of assorted GritFX Postcards. Drop by our Facebook page to place your entry… we could be giving away the prize very soon!


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