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Star Wars Crystal Fox T-Shirts

Star Wars in renowned for coming up with new characters with each new film and if you’ve seen The Last Jedi you’ll know that the cute and so fluffy Porgs (which excited everyone who watched the early promos) are not the only new Star Wars creature… cue, the Crystal Fox, a name coined by Star Wars fans! In truth, this creature is a “vulptex” – inhabitants of the mineral-rich world of Crait.

Crystal Fox T-Shirts are a rare breed with only a handful currently on offer and we’re here to exhibit them for you!…

1. Crystal fox – by AlviaAlcedo

Crystal fox - Star Wars T-Shirts

(via Society6 – $24.99 Adult T-Shirts)

2. The Crystal Fox – by TeeTurtle

The Crystal Fox - Star Wars T-Shirts

(via TeeTurtle – $25.00 Adult T-Shirts)

3. Crystal Fox – by DaveCT

Crystal Fox - Star Wars T-Shirts

(via RedBubble – $19.50 Adult T-Shirts)

4. Cuddling Crystal Critters – by ren-rains

Cuddling Crystal Critters - Star Wars Tees

(via RedBubble – $29.50 Adult Graphic T-Shirt. Available on other styles.)

5. Crystal Caverns – by honorary_android

Crystal Caverns - Star Wars Crystal Fox Tees

(via TeePublic – $20 Adult Tees. $18 Kids Tees)

6. Vulptex Support – by SLisica08

Vulptex Support - Star Wars Crystal Fox T-Shirts

(via RedBubble – From $19.50 Adult Tees)


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