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The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why The Adjustment Bureau fails as a film. Based on the Philip K. Dick story “Adjustment Team”, George Nolfi’s adaptation is, from memory, quite faithful to the source material. But like many of the works of author Stephen King that have been translated to the screen, something goes awry. Perhaps it is the simple fact that some novels and short stories are not suited to celluloid treatment. But why is that?…

Lush – Spooky (1992) • Scarlett Johansson – Anywhere I Lay My Head (2008) • Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Flaunt It (1986)

Remember Lush? Like many bands of the early 90s, Lush became kind of big and also a bit dwarfed by the explosion of the alternate music scene, which gave rise to countless new bands vying for a piece of the booming major-label pre-internet spotlight. Some bands got a bit overlooked in the process. Anyway. Lush produced some damn good music and a couple of really cool albums. This was their first (studio album)…

Langley Parks: Soundscapes, Themes & Noise – free individual track download…

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