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2010 – The Year In Film

But of all the films I did see in 2010, the clear winner as far as brutal odour was the Brothers Strause’s Skyline. Maybe it’s a case of one brother holding the other back; but whatever the case, Skyline featured half-dimensional characters (yep, not even one-dimensional) and a ridiculous story, and even managed to blatantly steal from at least a half-dozen sci-fi films (probably more, but I lost count together with my interest)…

Catfish (2010)

The marketing idiot who decided to blatantly try to trick moviegoers into believing Catfish is a suspense thriller (when it clearly is not), has done more damage to the film that it deserves. The first rule of film marketing for our current savvy generation of movie-goers should be simple; “Don’t mislead the paying customer”…

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