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Inception (2010)

The very idea that a big budget studio film can treat us as intelligent human beings capable of processing complex ideas, has understandably put many people in a state of drunken shock, leaving them with no other choice than to momentarily lose their inhibitions, strip naked and run through the streets singing the films praises like possessed madmen…

The Dark Knight (2008) • Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006) • Prom Night (2008)

With the sequel, Nolan returns with an equally dark film, yet this time, somewhat more oppressive and less enjoyable. As the Joker (Ledger) revels in a sadistic wave of violence, Batman (Bale) considers a Gotham free of his services. This hope comes from Harvey Dent (Eckhart), a fearless prosecutor who spits in the face of organized crime…

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