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Slap Shot (1977)

The Charlestown Chiefs are a two-bit minor league hockey team on the verge of collapse. When the team enlists three sadistic, bespectacled brothers, their violent antics on the ice (they like to play with toys in their spare time) earn the Chiefs a new legion of fans. However, the increasing infamy is no guarantee of the teams’ salvation, and is less than admired by their star player…

The Grifters (1990)

The Grifters is a uniquely twisted tale of the con-artist lifestyle. Nearly every character in the film is an amoral soul – even the vaguely sympathetic figure of Roy is ice-cold. And it is a credit, mostly to screenwriter Westlake and author Jim Thompson (but let’s not forget the actors as well) that the film succeeds whilst wallowing in its oppressive motif…

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