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Your traditional horror character sometimes wears their mask simply to hide their ugly ass face. And quite often these characters get some kind of emotional/psychological strength from these masks. It provides them with a degree of separation from their own humanity, allowing them to commit their horrible acts without remorse…

Kick-Ass (2010)

I don’t know about you, but there is no better way to assure my ass will be first in line buying a ticket than to describe a movie as “Morally Reprehensible”. Overused film-critic phrases like, “The Must-see film of the year”, “Oscar worthy performances” or “A real crowd-pleaser” don’t seem to get bums on seats anymore. “Winner of 14 Academy Awards, including Best Picture!”…meh..so what? Is that the best you can do? What else have you got for me? “This film is morally reprehensible!” Whoa, this I gotta see. You can count me in. “Suzie, hold all my calls”…

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