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Forgotten or Unappreciated Films of the 1980s: Vol. 1

Before he had his face rearranged through both amateur boxing and plastic surgery, the 80s ‘Mr. Cool’ Mickey Rourke played a guy who undergoes surgery to rearrange his disfigured face. Irony aside, Rourke was always a formidable actor and his 80s catalogue is impressive.

Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

Who knew a movie with such a ridiculous title could actually be a bubbling Jacuzzi of crazy fun, but that’s exactly what Hot Tub Time Machine is. Somewhat aimed at GenX-ers, Hot Tub is one screwball situation after another. It’s absurd and raucous, but unlike the majority of crap today masquerading as comedy behind cheap gross-out and sex gags, Hot Tub manages to be tasteful and witty even while employing that same pantheon of jokes…

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