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Dawn Of The Dead

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Zombie vs Zombie Tee Giveaway

It’s Tee Giveaway time and with Halloween right around the corner, what could be better than something zombie themed!… Over the next two weeks we’re inviting all fans of the walking dead to get in on the “Zombie vs Zombie” movie debate, and in doing so, put themselves in for a chance to win a GritFX zombie […]

Angry Mongo Giveaway!

Mongo Angry! Mongo Smash! is going wild for Halloween…He’s giving away a whole bunch of stuff, so visit now to enter!

Survival of the Dead (2009)

This is difficult. Nobody wants to lay the boot into one of their heroes. Who the hell am I to sit here and throw lazy insults towards George A Romero, a man I have admired most of my life? A father figure of sorts who has taught me so much…

Syriana (2005) • Music & Lyrics (2007) • Dawn Of The Dead (2004)

In the Middle East, two unemployed youths are drawn into a circle of Muslim extremists, while a energy analyst is sent to apply for a contract with Arab royalty and is met with tragedy. In the United States, a CIA operative becomes obsessed with finding a missile sold in an arms deal, and a morally corrupted attorney investigates the merger of two massive oil corporations…

DEALING WITH THE DEAD: Zombie Basics for the Approaching Apocalypse

They show no mercy. They have no remorse. They don’t discriminate and they love nothing more than to eat you alive. I’m talking about flesh-eating, scum-sucking Zombies. They are the undead, living corpses, walking stiffs. I have bad news for anyone who thinks they are safe in this world. If we don’t start paying attention to the warning signs, zombies may one day rise and take over the earth…

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