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Stupidity 2009

Take for instance these two guys from Iowa. They thought it would be a swell idea to break into an apartment, but they couldn’t afford some cheap Wal-Mart balaclavas. So, this brain-dead pair decided to disguise their faces with black permanent marker. Trouble is, they didn’t bother to wash it off afterwards (or couldn’t get it off) and were eventually picked up by police, obviously following a simple witness description of “dudes with black pen on their faces”. They weren’t too hard to find…


Whilst I don’t usually watch Fox News or put much stock in what its “journalists” have to say, an interesting story did appear on Fox8 regarding the memories and nightmares of a young boy named James Leininger. The 11-year-old had held a deep fascination with World War 2 aircraft since he was very young, seeming to show an intimate knowledge of certain planes. When he began to have nightmares and put disturbing wartime images on paper, his parents started to ask questions…

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