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Forgotten or Unappreciated Films of the 1980s: Vol. 1

Before he had his face rearranged through both amateur boxing and plastic surgery, the 80s ‘Mr. Cool’ Mickey Rourke played a guy who undergoes surgery to rearrange his disfigured face. Irony aside, Rourke was always a formidable actor and his 80s catalogue is impressive.

Corey Haim – Lost Boy

It was the summer of 1987, and I was truanting school with a friend and two girls, one of whom I was smitten with. We made our way to the local cinema and saw The Lost Boys. By the time it was over, I had forgotten the girl and was totally enamoured with the film. I probably didn’t shut up about it all the way home. It was the first of many viewings, and the catalyst for many nights of teenage fantasy, discussing how cool it would be to be a vampire, or one of the Frog Brothers, or Corey Haim….

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