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Forgotten or Unappreciated Films of the 1980s: Vol. 1

Before he had his face rearranged through both amateur boxing and plastic surgery, the 80s ‘Mr. Cool’ Mickey Rourke played a guy who undergoes surgery to rearrange his disfigured face. Irony aside, Rourke was always a formidable actor and his 80s catalogue is impressive.

Lars And The Real Girl (2007) • Taken (2008) • The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008)

The word ‘quirky’, when applied to film, is an easy way of dressing up pretension – but its use is totally justified when describing Lars And The Real Girl. Featuring a memorably idiosyncratic performance from Gosling, this original little film is superbly written and consistently amusing and poignant. In what could have been reduced to smut is thankfully genuine, and manages to avoid any inclination to the low brow…

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