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Lhasa de Sela – Lhasa (2009)

Over the course of twelve years, American-born/ Mexican-raised/ Montreal-based singer-songwriter Lhasa de Sela released three quietly sparkling albums of brooding balladry that oscillate between atmospheric folk/ blues/ country/ with flights of French chanson and slow lava-like tango. The beauty of these albums doesn’t hide itself in elliptical shades, it seems nakedly open to immediate appreciation via the most basic components…

Mega Indian Meteor Killed Dinos?

Earlier this week it was put forward that some insidious algae killed the dinosaurs. Now, we are back to the meteor theory – this time believed to have hit off the coast of India, as reported by Mail Online…

Langley Parks: Soundscapes, Themes & Noise – free individual track download…

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