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10 Bizarre Events & Discoveries

What was The Bloop? Find out as Weird Worm offers up ten bizarre events and discoveries in recent history…

Monsters by Kenn

John (or Don) Kenn creates Sendak-type monster drawings on post-it notes…check out his amazing work here…

Monsters (2010)

There is no doubt that Monsters has a most misleading (yet poetically relevant) title; anyone entering this film expecting to witness total CGI creature carnage will be sorely disappointed. Shot on a low budget, with many improvised scenes, Monsters refuses to show its hand until a stunning sequence towards the end,..

The Werewolf’s Guide To Life

The Werewolf’s Guide to Life (A Manual for the Newly Bitten) has featured the “National Lycanthrope Awareness Week” T-Shirt by GritFX…


GritFX T-Shirts has launched its’ third T-Shirt store – Magic Bullet T-Shirts. Primarily the brainchild of GritFX artist/writer Max Drake, Magic Bullet is for those seeking something a little on the weird side. Magic Bullet designs are inspired by mythology, politics, UFOs and alien entities, conspiracy topics and other stuff that’s frankly just damn strange. Loads more designs will be uploaded in the next few days, weeks and months, so be sure to check them out.

Giant ‘Sea Monster’ Skull Found

Dinosaur experts in England are examining the fossilized skull of a sea creature so enormous it would have eaten a T-Rex for breakfast…more images here…


Well, you know what it’s like…We weren’t getting any younger…And we were putting our lives on the line, every minute of every day it seemed…Never a chance to rest…We chewed coca leaves, and damn, we were zooming along, and I swear, it’s like we never slept…Saw every nightfall, and every sunrise…The rain storms, the, um, yep, you name it, we been through it all…

Langley Parks: Soundscapes, Themes & Noise – free individual track download…

GritFX T-Shirts: Movie, TV, Pop Culture, Humorous and Weird Tee Designs