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The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why The Adjustment Bureau fails as a film. Based on the Philip K. Dick story “Adjustment Team”, George Nolfi’s adaptation is, from memory, quite faithful to the source material. But like many of the works of author Stephen King that have been translated to the screen, something goes awry. Perhaps it is the simple fact that some novels and short stories are not suited to celluloid treatment. But why is that?…

Radio Free Metropolis (or Show Me The Monáe)

Janelle Monáe has something she wants to say, and it’s an empowering message of love and empathy (laced with a subtext that raises cautionary questions about our behaviour in the future…)

The Adjustment Bureau

Sci-fi writer Philip K Dick has once again made it to the silver screen…loosely based on his short story, The Adjustment Bureau stars Matt Damon…

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