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2013…The Year of Hype…

The ad copy for Justin Bieber’s new perfume The Key states: ‘The Key is an inspiring new fragrance that invites you to unlock the endless possibilities of believing in your dreams, bringing you closer to Justin than ever before’. His previous two perfumes were called Girlfriend and Someday. I assume the not-so-subtle message to his fans is: If you buy all three you may hold the key to someday being Justin’s girlfriend.

Róisín Murphy – Overpowered (2007)

Whether it’s the hot lava landscape of “Cry Baby”, or the sweat-soaked swamps of “Primitive”, or the dark neon city of “Overpowered”, or the icy caverns of “Scarlet Ribbon”, or the urban fast-lane of “Movie Star”, or the oceanic pulses of “Checkin’ On Me”, or one of the other extrasolar songs on this album, they will all lure you at some point. And once crash-landed, you may debate whether to try and escape at all…

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