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Forgotten or Unappreciated Films of the 1980s: Vol. 1

Before he had his face rearranged through both amateur boxing and plastic surgery, the 80s ‘Mr. Cool’ Mickey Rourke played a guy who undergoes surgery to rearrange his disfigured face. Irony aside, Rourke was always a formidable actor and his 80s catalogue is impressive.

The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why The Adjustment Bureau fails as a film. Based on the Philip K. Dick story “Adjustment Team”, George Nolfi’s adaptation is, from memory, quite faithful to the source material. But like many of the works of author Stephen King that have been translated to the screen, something goes awry. Perhaps it is the simple fact that some novels and short stories are not suited to celluloid treatment. But why is that?…

Battle: Los Angeles (2011)

My instinct with Battle: Los Angeles is to drive in the skewer, place it over an open fire and roast it until the skin begins to crackle. But I’m not going to do that. A film with a title of “Battle: Los Angeles” damn well better deliver a battle in Los Angeles. And that’s exactly what this film does. It offers no apologies for its by-the-numbers approach, and as an audience member with popcorn box and coke in hands, it delivers precisely what you’d expect…

Radio Free Metropolis (or Show Me The Monáe)

Janelle Monáe has something she wants to say, and it’s an empowering message of love and empathy (laced with a subtext that raises cautionary questions about our behaviour in the future…)

Godzilla’s Innards

Ever wanted to know what Godzilla looks like on the inside? Well, these Anatomical Diagrams of Mythical Japanese Monsters will set you straight…

Cowboys & Aliens

Cowboys & Aliens…Sounds ridiculous? Watch the trailer for the film based on the graphic novel and judge for yourself…

Monsters (2010)

There is no doubt that Monsters has a most misleading (yet poetically relevant) title; anyone entering this film expecting to witness total CGI creature carnage will be sorely disappointed. Shot on a low budget, with many improvised scenes, Monsters refuses to show its hand until a stunning sequence towards the end,..

Inception (2010)

The very idea that a big budget studio film can treat us as intelligent human beings capable of processing complex ideas, has understandably put many people in a state of drunken shock, leaving them with no other choice than to momentarily lose their inhibitions, strip naked and run through the streets singing the films praises like possessed madmen…

New Movie Themed T-Shirts

5 NEW T-Shirts added to Popcorn Classics: “The Crawling Eye“; “The Heroine“; “Youth Aflame“; “Dirty Girls With Guns“; and “Liberty Ape“.

The Book Of Eli (2010)

I’m not immune to ridiculous twist endings, but The Book of Eli has a twist so preposterous, even avid fans of twist endings will scratch their eyeballs out in protest. A twist so outlandishly stupid, that even M. Night Shyamalan, the current champion of lame twist endings would shoot himself in the head just so he could later turn over in his grave…

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