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Africa is Not for Sissies

If you’re thinking of traveling to Africa, remember to keep your eyes open and your windows up (as well as a change of shorts)…

4-Legged Tee Giveaway Is Extended

Throughout the week the 4-Legged Tee Giveaway! PLUS The A to Z of Animal Tees post/giveaway has been shared by some great peeps including Rotem Gear; MiMI Daily; PLAYGROUNDnews; and Fun Daily. Thank you all!…

4-legged Tee Giveaway! PLUS The A to Z of Animal Tees

Enter the 4-legged T-Shirt Giveaway! ONE Winner takes home 4 different animal themed t-shirts just by telling us what their favourite animal is… ENTER NOW!

Atlantis and the Giant Serpent

Two ridiculous stories appeared on the internet last week. The first involved supposed photographic evidence of a giant serpent making its way down a river in Borneo. For some time, locals in the region of the Baleh River had dispersed stories of a shape-shifting serpent existing beneath the surface of the water…

Langley Parks: Soundscapes, Themes & Noise – free individual track download…

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