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Miles Davis – In a Silent Way (1969)

Come the late 60s, Miles Davis was set to ignite the jazz world (I should say ‘music world’) by employing electric instruments into his ensembles. Fusion was born. And jazz (I should say ‘music’) would never be the same. When Miles Davis released the double album Bitches Brew in 1970 he was embraced by the psychedelic rock contingent, who enjoyed the funked-up rhythms and his free-flowing explorative style…

Dire Straits – Communiqué (1979) • Band Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas? (1984) • Amy Winehouse – Back To Black (2006)

Though long considered by critics one of the daggiest groups of all time, Dire Straits produced a kind of post-Dylan soft-cock-rock that is still uniquely their own. (I suspect the tennis sweatbands had as much to do with that cynical designation, than just Mark Knopfler’s proclivity for solos). Despite the success of their first single, “Sultans of Swing”, I always felt they were more a mood band than a chart-storming hit machine…

Langley Parks: Soundscapes, Themes & Noise – free individual track download…

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