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The Loved Ones (2010)

The Love Ones Poster ArtThe Loved Ones…..prom night blues

Sometimes it’s just too easy to dismiss movies by comparing them to other movies. Take Sean Byrne’s The Loved Ones for example. Sure, you are going to hear that it is like “Misery mixed with Carrie” or “Pretty in Pink meets Wolf Creek”. These comparisons should not deter people from seeing The Loved Ones, nor should it diminish what is essentially a really strong and downright entertaining horror flick.

Perhaps these comparisons are a badge to be worn with pride by writer/director Sean Byrne. Something tells me he is probably more chuffed than cheesed-off by them. I hope so. Because as much as critics and viewers alike enjoy describing a film by comparing it to other films, I’m here to tell you that despite the comparisons, The Loved Ones is more than worthy of standing on its own two feet.

This is a horror film that shows enough suspense, humor and originality to rise it far above your average genre offering. The story is fun, the direction is tight and the characters are worth investing in, whether it be their display of emotional depth so rarely seen in this kind of film, or their whacked-out lunacy which creates a villain we love to hate.

Hey, this is an Aussie horror film…and I am an Aussie who loves good horror. Only, good horror is so rarely Aussie, so I suppose I get a little excited when a film comes along that is not only good, but is Aussie…and not only horror, but Aussie horror. Have I lost anyone?

Ignore the comparisons and take The Loved Ones for what it is, a blast from beginning to end.

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By Adam Fay
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  1. Not a film i’ve ever heard of, I’m off to check out the trailer to see if its one of the few horror films i might actually enjoy checking out.
    .-= jared thompson´s last blog ..Xmas WishList Interview- Featuring Helena Pion =-.

    Posted by jared thompson | December 6, 2010, 9:58 am

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