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The Myth of “America”

Should Christopher Columbus really be celebrated and admired? Read the excellent article at Global Research by Dahr Jamail and Jason Coppola…


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  1. You can look back at history & say they should have done things differently.

    Let me ask you this, If Columbus never existed, never visited the Americas, & America didn’t exist as it does today, what would have happened in history with others such as Hitler, who would have stepped up to defend the innocent thousands that would have continued to meet their maker?

    Who would have stopped countless other countries from their genocide?

    How do you think this world would look If America was never settled? I would imagine a darker shade of red, than any history book can prove to us today.

    Life will always have men that seek control over everyone else, that won’t change as long as humans exist.

    The best we can do is, make sure we aren’t the that man.

    Posted by Jim | October 22, 2009, 1:24 pm
  2. Hey Jim,
    Of course you’re right, but one could argue also that America has been the cause of much devastation and violence herself, either directly or indirectly.

    We can also assume that if Columbus did not discover America, somebody else would have – someone who perhaps would not have wilfully engaged in wholesale slaughter and slavery.

    The issue however, is whether or not Columbus should still be celebrated. We can accept that he discovered America, write it in our history books, but to some (and I’d have to agree) it is in extremely bad taste to have a holiday in his name – to essentially glorify some damn horrible deeds.

    As for men who “seek control over everyone else”, let’s not forget the words of Thoreau – that these people only succeed because good men do nothing.

    You sound like a patriot, Jim…and of course you should be proud of your country – but not at the expense of honest examination.

    Posted by Max Drake | October 23, 2009, 2:02 am

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