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“Two Year Walk” – Book Review by Manz…

Self Portrait of my reviewing “Two Year Walk” - a book of black & white photography by Deryke Cardenaz.
Above: Self Portrait of my reviewing “Two Year Walk”.

Two Year Walk is a book of black & white photography by Deryke Cardenaz.
Two Year Walk
Whilst some people may feel that a great photograph must have the subject in focus and all elements lit to show every detail, Deryke understands the value of creating mood!! Two Year Walk, which is a collection of images from Deryke’s environment (including his hometown in California), takes you to a place where you feel and live the culture without even leaving your home.

This is no typical tourist book! If you’re looking for sunny California photos that you may see on postcards – then visit your local tourist outlet. If you want to see a world from the perspective of someone who stops to soak up the oddities that surround us, then Deryke’s book is for you. His images are “… saturated with mood” – to quote Kim from the prologue – and I have to agree.

This book will reveal to you a whole new way of seeing this environment. You will be faced with a seedy alleyway that would be overlooked by most; abandoned night roads and a park that will make you feel isolated and alone; cropped and somewhat abstract images that when you really look at them make perfect sense; amazing textures, silhouettes, reflections and shadows; ominous storm clouds; the crazy humor of an artist; and movement… or a lack of it!

The layout of the book also has Deryke pairing up images with captions. This is a nice touch that he’s added – giving the readers more of his personality and an insight into what he feels or thinks when he views the shot. “can you see me, jesus?” was perfect for the image in question. (you have to get the book to find out what it is – I can’t give everything away!!).

As an Australian who has never had the opportunity to visit “Deryke Land”, the book has bridged the gap between complete stranger and voyeur. If I was to fault the book, I would only say that it may give tourists a false confidence to approach the locals on the beach and ask to play their Djembe.

Additional Photograph - Self Portrait of my reviewing “Two Year Walk”.



Two Year Walk is available to purchase online through Lulu.

Download version – $7.50
Paperback book – $20.00

Printed: 192 pages, 19.05 cm x 19.05 cm, perfect binding, black and white interior ink.


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  1. i’m so excited. thank you SO MUCH and the GritFX crew too.

    Posted by deryke | January 17, 2009, 6:57 pm
  2. that sounds like a really good book, great review

    Posted by Shea | January 18, 2009, 4:46 pm
  3. I still Love this Book!

    Posted by Manz | September 25, 2009, 12:08 am

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