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Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back…

Many of our readers have probably been wondering what the hell has happened to the GritFX Magazine during the last eighteen months? It’s a good question, as content has been sparse yet readership has continued unabated. Many a poor soul has obviously been returning to the Magazine, hoping that there may be something new to look at. We’re sorry to make you all sad…

But fear not, sad people. The GritFX Magazine is about to go into overdrive, with content coming out of our…yeah, well, maybe not overdrive and maybe not the rear end thing, but there’s definitely going to be much more going on with the Magazine in the future. No more of this extended hiatus crap.

Decoy Spoon, fresh home from manning the secret joint Russian/Chinese space station positioned on the dark side of the moon, will be rejoining us with his insights into all things music. Check out his new epic Feature Article 2013: The Year Of Hype.

Wadrick has just finished 400 days of continuous movie watching in his celluloid dungeon, and after he finally catches up on some sleep, he’ll hit us with some movie knowledge and opinion.

If you’ve been wondering how artist Matt Dunn’s be getting along, visit his site. In 2013, Matt’s amazing work was showcased at the Aphotic Comfort Exhibition in Melbourne.

And Max Drake? Missing in action; going on three years now. Last we heard he was in Turkey searching for the mythical graves of giants. Come home, Max. The world is too big for one man.

So mark this spot – the GritFX Magazine is returning with a vengeance.


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